I am victorious was started in 2016. We started this organization because we saw there was a lack in our community. There are so many days that our children go to school and eat, and that is the only meal they will eat and when school is out for the weekend their stomachs are touching their ribs. There are so many who can't concentrate in school due to being hungry. 

  So often our children go through this and it causes them to act out in many ways. Instead of providing them with the help they need we as parents say "oh that's just a faze they are going through". Then they go on to become teenagers and because they did not get the help they needed before, now as teenagers they are in and out of Juvenile detention centers, stealing cars, selling drugs and joining gangs. The adolescent life style is just the start, when they become adults they then continue to become statistics once again and are either in jail for life or still selling drugs on the corner. These life styles are glorified and glamorized and this is what our children aspire to be. 

  We can start when they are young while their minds are being shaped and molded. Work with them to aspire to be the best them they can be. 

  In the black culture we put such a bad perspective on getting mental help. We were always told oh there is nothing wrong with you, you will be ok. Oh "Uncle Charlie has to stay in his room because he's always talking to himself". Oh it's ok to talk to yourself just don't talk back. I don't want my kids on medicine, I don't want anyone to think you are crazy. 

  There comes a time in everyone's life when they need mental help and they should not be ashamed to get it or speak about it. We need to normalize taking care of your mental health. We need to work on keeping our minds healthy just like we work on keeping our bodies healthy. 

  This is what I AM VICTORIOUS does. Let's stop losing our family members and our friends to suicide or drug overdose because they are trying to numb themselves to cope with or get rid of the mental issues they are having. 

  If you are in need of help, we are here for you.